New version of PerfMonitor to come

Posted by Franck Delattre - February 21th, 2013

PerfMonitor, the performance monitoring tool developped by CPUID, required a serious update. We decided to rewrite the program completely, starting with the interface. The new interface of PerfMonitor2 is largely inspired by the Windows task manager, and consists in large graphs with a smooth scrolling.

In addition to report performance related data, the new PerfMonitor2 adds monitoring data like temperatures, powers, and mixes them to report data like performance per watt.

For its release, the program will support latest x86 processors generations : Intel Nehalem, Westmere, Clarkdale, Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Clover View, CedarView, and AMD Bulldozer, Vishera, Trinity, Richland.

Please check the PerfMonitor 2 page in the next weeks to discover this new version !


ista Mixon , February 22th, 2013 - #57600
Looks slick. I volunteer to be a Alpha/Beta tester. Can I get a copy? Triple booting Fuduntu Linux/Windows 7 Ultimate/Windows 8 PC. Also how about a linux version?

P2Boy , February 22th, 2013 - #57603
Ooo...Hope PM2 will inspire all of the world!

AndreiGukalo , March 06th, 2013 - #57654
Very Good ))

B. Kenney , March 04th, 2013 - #57651
Oh please do try to release it within this week, I want my hands on that thing! It's a good alternative to Windows 8's Task Manager, which I don't have on Windows 7. Thanks!

Avenge , March 24th, 2013 - #57814
When I run this and aida64 stability test my pc hang - I had to hard reset. AMD FX-8350, no OC, 2x4 gb A-data XPG, ASROCK 990FX EXTREME3, Ati 5770. If I run aida64 stability test only - no problem.

cpuid , March 25th, 2013 - #57815
and what if you run PM2 only ?

Avenge , March 25th, 2013 - #57817
I haven't tried, I deleted PerfMonitor after few attempts...
Maybe I'll try in next few days.

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