Happy New Year

The CPUID team joins to me to wish you a very Happy New Year 2015.

Major changes are planned for our site in 2015, with a completely new site design, developped by our friends from Hello Gurus. In order to fit the new design, our applications are using new icons, as you may have seen as the updates were released recently.

Besides of that, we are working on a new program that will complete the current CPUID software suite, and will be available on PC running Windows, as well as on Android. We hope to be able to tell you more about it very soon.

PerfMonitor 2.04

PerfMonitor 2.04 has been released. That new version adds the following :
- display Y axis labels on graphs.
- support Intel Haswell-E processors.
- support Windows 10.
- New icon.

HWMonitor PRO 1.03 for Android (and 1.21 for Windows)

The new version of HWMonitor PRO for Android is an important step in the development of that program because it adds local monitoring on Android device. You will then be able to keep an eye on some of the main parameter of your Android devices such as system températures, CPU utilization. The remote capabilities will make monitoring easy by watching the parameters from your PC, and even from another Android device.

Finally, the combination of that new version with the Windows version of HWMonitor PRO will result in Advanced data recording and graphs generations, as explained on that page. This is a very good example of what the combined use of a PC and an Android device can do !

The Windows version of HWMonitor PRO was updated to version 1.21 in order to support the new Intel Core M, Windows 10, and introduce the new icon and logo of HWMonitor PRO.

Intel Haswell-E, X99 and DDR4

The support for DDR4 memory wad added into CPU-Z, in the same time as the support for the new Intel Haswell-E processors and the X99 chipset, the 1st one to support the DDR4. Along with the classic DDR4 profiles (JEDEC), the version introduces the support of Intel XMP 2.0 profiles dedicated to that new memory standard.

HWMonitor 1.25

HWMonitor 1.25 has been released. The new version adds the following
- Intel Haswell-E, Core i7-4770R and Core i5-4570R Crystal Well,
- Celeron Haswell (G1830, G1820).
- AMD Athlon 5350 & 5150,
- Sempron 3850 & 2650 (Kabini),
- A10-7850K,
- A10-7800,
- A10-7700K,
- A8-7600,
- A6-7400K,
- A4-7300 (Kaveri),
- A6-6420K,
- A4-6320,
- A4-4020 (Richland).
- Nuvoton NCT6106 and SMSC SCH5636 SIOs (Fujitsu mainboards).

CPU-Z 1.71.1 for Windows and 1.09 for Android

The version 1.71 of CPU-Z for Windows was updated to 1.71.1. That new release adds the support for the Intel Core M processors, and introduced a new icon and logo for the application.

Concerning CPU-Z for Android, the version 1.09 was released a couple of days ago. That version adds the following :
- Improved support of big.LITTLE technology.
- Adreno GPU clock speed.
- Screen size (in inches).
- Battery capacity (in mAh).
- Added new SoCs : HiSilicon Kirin 920, Exynos 5433, Snapdragon 815 ...
- And of course the new icon.

You can install it from Google Play from the link in the software page.


Reached 8703 MHz with a AMD A6-3650 MB: PEGATRON CORPORATION 2ACF - RAM: 8192MB Hyundai Electronics
Reached 8497 MHz with a AMD FX-8370 MB: ASUS CROSSHAIR V FORMULA-Z - RAM: 4096MB Corsair
The Stilt
#AMD30Live reached 8723 MHz with a AMD FX MB: ASUS CROSSHAIR V FORMULA-Z - RAM: 8192MB AMD
Reached 8254 MHz with a Intel Celeron 356 MB: ASUS P5E3 PREMIUM - RAM: 1024MB MSC
Reached 8322 MHz with a Intel Celeron 356 MB: ASUS RAMPAGE FORMULA - RAM: 512MB Team Group Inc.