HWMonitor 1.28

HWMonitor 1.28 is available. That version includes :
- the support for Intel Broadwell and Intel Skylake CPUs.
- indivudual CPU load.
- NVIDIA GPUs TDP percentage.

CPU-Z 1.72 for Windows

CPU-Z 1.72 is available. That version fixes a bug that occurs with the latest build of Windows 10 (build 9926), and adds the support for the next Intel CPU generation codenamed Skylake. That support may not be complete yet, but the program should already be able to provide reliable information on those CPUs.

CPU-Z 1.10 for Android

CPU-Z 1.10 for Android has been released. That new version adds the following :
- Thermal tab with device temperatures.
- Added API Level, Java VM version,system manufacturer.
- Improved detection of Qualcomm SoCs.
- Removed battery capacity report by default, but that information can be added from the settings page.