CPU-Z 1.97 with Intel 12th gen

CPU-Z 1.97 is released today, with the support of the 12th gen Intel processors codenamed "Alder Lake", as well as the Z6xx platform and the DDR5 memory.
The hybrid technology, introduced with this generation, required several modification in the interface in order to make the two sets of core appear in the main page.

The DDR5 support was also somehow difficult, and we'd like to thank Jon from ElmorLabs and Peter for their precious help.

Please visit the CPU-Z page to get your copy of this new release.

Enjoy !

2021, CPU-Z 1.95, CPU-Z VE 1.03.

Last year was rich in terms of new hardware : AMD Zen 3 and Radeon 6800/6900, NVIDIA RTX 3000 series. This year starts with the upcoming release of the new Intel Core 11th gen codenamed "Rocket Lake". The new version of CPU-Z supports this new CPU line, as well as the AMD ThreadRipper PRO series and the new Cezanne and Lucienne APUs.
Besides of this, CPU-Z Vintage Edition is still evolving and is released today in its 1.03 version.

Please visit the CPU-Z page to get your copy of those new releases.

The CPUID Team wishes you a very Happy New year 2021.

HWMonitor PRO 1.41 with dark mode

HWMonitor PRO 1.41 has been released. This new version adds the dark mode, that consists in white text on a dark background. The sensor icons were slightly modified to match that new mode. Besides of that, this new version adds the following :

- AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X, 3970X and 3990X and TRX40 chipset.
- Intel Core 10xxx Comet Lake processors.
- Centaur new CPU with AI coprocessor preliminary support.
- Zhaoxin processors.

Enjoy !


2020 is here, already.
Last year we had a lot of projects in the pipes. Some were released in time, like CPU-Z Vintage Edition. Some took some delay, and you may hear of them from us at a point this year.

We renew our thanks to all the persons who help us with their donation. The CPUID tools would not be what they are without them.

We wish you very Happy New Year 2020 !

CPU-Z 1.91 with support of new Centaur CPU.

CPU-Z 1.91 has been released.
That new version finalizes the support of the 3rd generation of AMD Ryzen Threadripper (3960X, 3970X and the TRX40 chipset), and adds the support of the 10th generation of Intel Core, codenamed Comet Lake.
This version also adds the preliminary support of the new Centaur x86 CPU with the AI coprocessor that was announced recently. You can read the press release at that address.