New software : powerMAX

We're happy to start 2018 with a brand new software : powerMAX.

powerMAX is a very easy-to-use CPU and GPU burn-in software, intended to maximize the power dissipation and the temperature of these two components.
It allows to :
- check if the CPU and GPU cooling devices are efficient to evacuate the power in all situations.
- check if the PSU can handle the system peak power when the CPU and GPU tests are made in the same time.

If your system passes the tests, then it will support the stress level of common applications without problem, and if required, more than that.

We hope that you will enjoy that new CPUID software, and we wish you a very Happy New Year.

CPU-Z 1.80 with Core X support

CPU-Z 1.80 has been released with the complete support of the new Intel Core X processors. That version detects the Intel Turbo Boost Max 3 (TBM3 in short) that equips some of those Skylake-X models, as well as some of the Broadwell-E processor models. When TBM3 is detected, the Clocks dialog displays the concerned cores in red.

CPU-Z 1.79.1 and CPU-Z Cooler Master Edition

CPU-Z 1.79 has been updated to the 1.79.1 subversion in order to support :
- the new Intel X299 platform and the Core X processors family.
- the new AMD X399 platform and the ThreadRipper processor.

Also we're glad to introduce a new customized version with the Cooler Master colors. This versions features the same functionalities as the classic CPU-Z, but in a nice dark grey dress. We hope you will enjoy it.

Please visit the CPU-Z page for the download links.