CPU-Z Vintage Edition

CPU-Z turns 20 this year, and to celebrate that birthday we’re glad to introduce a « new » version of CPU-Z modified to run on the systems that existed 20 years ago. In practice, that version improves (or adds, in some cases) the support of 386, 486, 586 and 686 class processors of all major brands of this past time, and is able to run on Windows 95 and 98.

The CPU-Z Vintage Edition adds the following features :

An improved detection of the old processors from 386s to 686s, with or without the cpuid instruction. That includes :

- Intel i386 (SX & DX), i486 (SX to DX4), Pentium (P5 to Tillamook), Pentium Pro, Pentium II and Pentium III (Katmai to Tualatin).

- AMD Am386 (SX & DX), Am486 (SX2 to DX4), Am5x86, K5, K6 (2, 2+ & III) and Athlon (K7 to Barton).

- Cyrix Cx486DLC, Cx486S, Cx486 (DX to DX4), 5x86, 6x86 (& MX), MII, MediaGX.

- and others : IBM 486SLC/SLC2/BL3, NexGen Nx586, UMC U5S & U5D, Rise mP6, IDT Winchip C6, VIA C3 ...

An improved CPU clock speed computation intended to report the precise clock speed on processors without TSC (namely most 386s and 486s).
When possible, the clock multiplier and the FSB are also reported.

A new INT/FPU benchmark.
Matching the raw computing power of 386 to 586 class processor, that old-style monothreaded CPU bench tests the integer and the floating-point performances.

The L2 cache size and memory timings reading on the most popular old chipsets :

- UMC UM8881.
- Ali M1489/1487, M1531, M1541.
- SiS 85C496/497, 85C501/502/503..
- VIA Apollo VP3/MPV3.
- Intel 430LX/TX/HX, 440FX/LX/BX.

Special thanks go to :

- The VOGONS community for their precious help and patience for the tests and the advices.

- X86.FR for providing us with a prototype of their ATX2AT Smart Converter that we used to power up
the vintage hardware used to develop that project. Note that the ATX2AT project is currently on
KickStarter and we do strongly encourage you to get one if you are restoring vintage computers.

Please visit the CPU-Z page to download your copy of the Vintage Edition.