What is TMonitor

TMonitor is aimed to display the active clock of each individual core of Intel Core 2 and Core i3/i5/i7, as well as AMD K10 processors.
A very high refresh rate (20 times per second) allows to visualize the smallest clock variation in real time. TMonitor is able to detect mechanism such as Intel Turbo boost, and therefore allows to clearly visualize its effect as the processor is working.

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Screen images

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Install & configuration

Install TMonitor
Unzip tmonitor.exe in a directory of your hard drive and run it.

Use TMonitor
You can run as many instances of TMonitor as there are physical CPUs in your system. The first instance will be attached to CPU #0, the next one to CPU#1, and so on.

If your processor supports the Intel Turbo Boost Technology, the boosted frequency will appear as a yellow bar extension, and the current value will also be display in yellow for the time that Turbo is enabled on the core.
Please note that starting with a certain size for the graphs, you will be notice as many yellow bricks as the number of "bins", namely the number of steps that the core multiplier is increased by the Turbo.

Tools and Options
Right-click anywhere in the TMonitor main window to make the floating menu appear.

View allows to switch between the display of actual clocks in MHz and the display of the current multiplier. Please note that the switch does restart any record process that is currently running.

Turbo allows to dynamically enable and disable the Turbo boost.

Record data
The output is stored in a .csv file. The file is created in a directory named "logs", created at the same level as TMonitor. The file uses the following name convention :

tmon_cpuX_Mo_Da_Ho_Mi_Se.csv, where :

  • X is CPU number in the system (starting at 0).
  • Mo is month.
  • Da is day.
  • Ho is hour.
  • Mi is minute.
  • Se is second.

To start recording, press F5, or choose Logs, and Start Recording from the floating menu. The application title bar will confirm that the events are being recorded. Press F5 again to stop recording, or choose Logs, and Stop Recording from the floating menu. Note that switching from "clocks" to "multipliers" will cause the recording to be stopped.


-T Causes TMonitor to display clocks for individual threads.

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Download the latest release

TMonitor 1.04 (ZIP)
(no installation, 32-bit and 64-bit binaries included.)


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