PC Wizard

System information software

PC Wizard

PC-Wizard is an utility designed to analyze and benchmark your computer system.

  • CPU and memory subsystem (caches, RAM ...).
  • Graphics and video.
  • Hard disks, CD/DVD, Removable/FLASH medias.


Version 2014.2.13 for windows®
  • New AMD and Intel processors support
  • New AMD and Intel chipsets support
  • DDR4 and XMP 2.0 preliminary support
  • L4 cache support
Driver Agent
ZIP package: PC Wizard can be run directly from removable support (CD/DVD, USB Key, ...) Options are not saved.
Don't forget to check "Use Folder Names" into your UNZIP application to create PC Wizard folders.

Self-installing EXE package: to install PC Wizard directly on your hard drive.
Commandline Parameters
Launch PC Wizard in silent mode : no interface appears, the report is automatically created.
Example : PC Wizard.exe /R T1 C3 c:\reports\report.txt /I
Result: Save plain text report for Hardware Tab and Processor category only into the c:\reports folder, with detailed information.
To learn more, see the readme.txt file into the PC Wizard folder.
Special Keys
The F3 key allows to search if a path has been installed. Just enter the Microsoft KB reference.
The F5 key allows to refresh information.
The F10 key copies the current page in the clipboard.
The F11 key allows to save a screenshot as a .bmp file.
The F12 allows to save current benchmark results to the database.
The Right Click allows to display a context menu (on graphic benchmark it allows to save graph as a bitmap).
Special Extras

PC Wizard supports the Logitech G-Series keyboard LCD screen. To activate this function go to menu Options (Monitoring Tab )and check it. When you minimize PC Wizard window, CPU information will be displayed into the keyboard LCD screen.
PC Wizard shows passwords only for your personal goal. No sensitive data is transmitted. No sensitive data is included with any kind of report.
Go to Control Panel - Add/remove Programs and choose PC Wizard. Click on Add/Remove button and follow the instructions.
Debug mode
If PC Wizard freezes or crashes your computer, please try to:
  • Launch application with Debug Mode (hold down the ESC key until the SplashScreen appears). A new file will be created (C:\pcwdbg.log).
    Please report it by sending an e-mail with this file (see Contact the authors).
  • PC Wizard Settings shows and you can disable the detection of some components, which may cause problems.

Some computers may have problems especially during:
  • IDE/ATAPI device direct-access scan.
  • SMBus scan.
  • GPU i2C device direct-access.
  • SuperIO/LPC sensor detection.
Contact the authors
If you encounter problems, bugs or incompatibilities, please report it via our bug report form with a brief description. Please try to include a Report (use Save as... or Send a message - choose Text Format) AND a Hardware Registers Dump (menu Tools) when you have a problem.

Thanks for your help.


PC Wizard 2014.2.13
August 15th, 2014
PC Wizard 2014.2.13
August 15th, 2014
  • New AMD and Intel processors support
  • New AMD and Intel chipsets support
  • DDR4 and XMP 2.0 preliminary support
  • L4 cache support
PC Wizard 2013.2.12
October 20th, 2013
PC Wizard 2013.2.12
October 20th, 2013
  • New Intel processors and chipsets support
  • New AMD processors and chipsets support
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 support
  • Check and San Bios and Chipset update
  • And lot of mode features
PC Wizard 2012.2.11
August 12th, 2012
PC Wizard 2012.2.11
August 12th, 2012
  • Intel QM77, QS77 and NM70 chipsets support
  • Intel Q77 chipset support
  • AMD FX-4320, FX-6300, FX-8350 processors support
  • Via VX11 chipset support
  • Intel Xeon E3 Series V2 processors support
  • AMD FX 'Vishera' processors preliminary support
  • nVidia MCP79 chipset support
  • USB Enpoint information more detailed
  • Possibility to remove CPUID Partner advertising (menu Options)
  • Intel HD Graphics 3000/4000 clocks, voltage and temperature support
PC Wizard 2012.2.1
July 09th, 2012
PC Wizard 2012.2.1
July 09th, 2012
  • Filezilla passwords recovery support
  • AMD/ATI HD7750 and HD7770 video cards support
  • AMD A75, A760M and A70M Southbriges support
  • Intel Xeon E3 1200 Family processors support
  • Intel Atom Serie 2000 processors support
  • AMD FX-8140, FX-6200, FX-4150 processors support
  • AMD A10-4600M, A10-5800K, A10-5700, A8-5600K, A8-5500, A6-5400K, A4-5300
  • AMD A8, A6, A4, E2 (M, MX, ML, MZ, MC, MF, MG)
  • Intel Xeon E5 Series processors support
  • Optical Drive interface, serial number and streaming features detection support
  • nVidia GTX680, GT650M, GT640M (Kepler) video card preliminary support
  • nVidia GT675M, GT630M (Fermi) video card support
  • Java x86, x64 information support
  • SmartCard Reader detection support
  • Intel Z75, Z77, B75, UM77, HM70/75/76/77 Chipsets support
  • Intel Pentium G640 processor support
  • Intel Celeron G550, G540T processors support
  • Intel Core i7 2960XM, 2960QM processors support
  • AMD Sempron II X3, Athlon II X3 processors support
  • Windows Firewall Rules support
  • Intel Ivy Bridge family processors support
  • nVidia GTX670 video card support
  • RDP Sessions informations support
  • NEW processor benchmark to better reflect difference between models
  • NEW memory benchmark to better reflect difference between type and controllers
PC Wizard 2012.2.0
February 14th, 2012
PC Wizard 2012.2.0
February 14th, 2012
  • Apple geolocalisaton securiy report support
  • 2011/05/30
  • BIOS EFI support
  • 2011/06/25
  • New ATI video cards support
  • 2011/10/05
  • Disk ACS-3 support
  • New Windows Update report with more information
  • 2011/11/12
  • Devices Manager Enhancements (driver version, install date, INf file, ...)
  • Report devices manger tree with driver information support
  • 2011/11/20
  • Enumerate ODBC drivers installed
  • nVIDIA Optimus technology preliminary support
  • 2011/11/26
  • AMD K12 processors family support (A4, A6, A8, E2, Athlon II X2, Sempron II X2, Sempron X2, Sempron II X4, Athlon II X4)
  • AMD K14 processors family support (C, D, G Series)
  • AMD K15 processors family support (FX 4000, 6000, 8000 Series, Opteron Valencia)
  • AMD K12/K14/K15 chipset family support
  • VIA Nano 1000/2000/3000 Series, Eden X2, Nano X2/X3, QuadCore processors support
  • 2011/12/03
  • Windows 8 preliminary support
  • 2012/01/15
  • Intel SandyBridge-E/EP processors family
  • Nuvoton NCT7802 sensor support
  • Fintek F71889A sensor support
  • 2012/01/28
  • Oracle Client Version information support
  • AMD SB710 and A75 Southbridge support
  • AMD A40/A45/A50 Northbridge support
  • AMD RD9x0 Northbridge support
  • Via VX900 SMBus support
  • 2012/01/29
  • Intel Z68, X79 Chipset support
  • AMD/ATI SB910, SB950, SP5100, A40/A50 FCH Southbridge support
  • AMD/ATI HD7950, HD7970 Video Cards support
  • nVidia Video Cards HDCP Mode detection support
  • nVidia Video Cards PStates support
  • nVidia Video Cards Voltages support
  • Intel SandyBridge processors family power GT, IACores and Package support
  • Intel SandyBridge processors family temperature Package support
  • 2012/02/11
  • Intel 2550K, 2450P, 2380P, 2670QM processors support
  • ITE IT8772E Sensor support
PC Wizard 2010.1.961
November 21th, 2010
PC Wizard 2010.1.961
November 21th, 2010
  • Intel Atom N455, N475 processors support
  • Intel Atom D425, D525 processors support
  • Intel Pentium E6700, E5700 processors support
  • Intel Core i3 330E, Core i7 660UE processors support
  • Intel Celeron U3400, U3405 processors support
  • 2010/08/26
  • Sony ACPI Thermal Zones support
  • nVidia SLI Ready Motherboard detection support
  • 2010/08/30
  • ATI HD6xxx Cayman, Antilles, BlackComb, Barts, Whistler, Onega, Turks, Seymour, Caicos video cards preliminary support
  • Intel SandyBridge improved support
  • Intel Core i7 2600K, 2600, 2600S, 2920XM, 2820QM, 2720QM, 2620M processors support
  • Intel Core i5 2500K, 2500, 2500S, 2500T, 2400, 2400S, 2390T, 2540M, 2520M processors support
  • Intel Core i3 2120, 2100T processors support
  • 2010/09/04
  • Nuvoton NCT6776 hardware sensor support
  • AMD Lightwieght Profiling processor support
  • AMD XOP, FMA4, TBM, F16C, BMI features processor support
  • nVIDIA GTS450, GTS455 video card support
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Beta support
  • 2010/10/03
  • Intel Core i7 680UM, 660LM, 640M processors support
  • Intel Core i5 580M, 560UM, 560M, 470UM, 460M processors support
  • Intel Core i3 380M, 380UM processor support
  • Intel Pentium P6100, P6200 processors support
  • Intel Celeron T3500, P4600, P4500 processors support
  • Intel Xeon X5690 processor support
  • 2010/10/30
  • nVidia GTX580 video card prelmiminary support
  • HP Hardware Sensor CMI support
  • Intel Core i7 995/995X processor support
  • Intel Core i3 560 processor support
  • 2010/11/09
  • nVidia Video Cards external connectors type detection support
  • nVidia Video Cards Activity Load support
  • ATI Eyefinity information support
  • 2010/11/16
  • Devices plugged or removed auto-detection support
PC Wizard 2010.1.95
August 23th, 2010
PC Wizard 2010.1.95
August 23th, 2010
  • Microsoft IIS Server Information support
  • UPnP Devices (NAS, Router,...) information support
  • Via Nano-E processor preliminary support
  • Webcam detection and information support
  • 25/04/2010
  • AMD Athlon II X2 Bxx Series processors support
  • AMD Phenom II X4 Bxx Series processors support
  • AMD Series "e and "u" processors support
  • AMD DH-C3, HY-D1, PH-E0 processor stepping support
  • AMD Phenom II X4 "Thuban" processor support
  • AMD Opteron "Magny-Cours" and "Lisbon" Series 61xx processors support
  • 16/05/2010
  • Intel Atom Z6 "Lincroft" processor preliminary support
  • 29/05/2010
  • Windows Hosts Config file support
  • nVidia GTX465 Video Card support
  • 14/06/2010
  • Intel Core i7/i5 Series K processors support
  • Intel Core i7 940QM processors support
  • VIA VX900, VN1000 Chipsets support
  • Winbond W83647HF sensor support
  • 23/06/2010
  • Intel core i7 990X, 980 processor support
  • Intel Core i7 740QM, 840QM and 940XM processors support
  • Intel Core i5 430UM, 450M, 540UM processors support
  • Intel Core i3 330UM, 370M processors support
  • Intel Pentium P6000 processor support
  • Intel Pentium T2390 processor support
  • Intel Atom D425, D525, N455 processors support
  • 04/07/2010
  • Microsoft XNA 3.1 Framework detection support
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Cookies viewer
  • RAID controllers information support
  • 12/07/2010
  • nVidia GTX 460 video card support
  • Browser Helper Objects enumeration support
  • Microsoft IE7 and above password recovery support
  • Microsoft IE url history support
  • 18/07/2010
  • Microsoft Windows Error Reporting (WER) information support
  • AMD Opteron 41xx Series processor support
  • AMD Sempron II X2 Series processor support
  • AMD V Series processor support
  • AMD Turion II P, Turion II N Series processor support
  • AMD Athlon II P, Athlon II N Series processor support
  • AMD Phenom II X, Phenom II N, Phenom II P, Phenom II X Series processor support
  • AMD Turion II Neo, Athlon II Neo Series processor support
  • 28/07/2010
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and above password recovery support
  • Google Chrome password recovery support
  • DDR3L Memory support
  • DDR3 Memory Thermal Sensor preliminary support (JEDEC JC42.4)
  • 03/08/2010
  • Intel Core i3 330UM processor support
  • Intel Core i7 610E, 660UM processor support
  • SmBIOS/DMI 2.7 support
  • OpenCL 1.1 support
  • 10/08/2010
  • New commandline parameters (see readme.txt) support
  • Google Picasa password recovery support
  • Google Desktop password recovery support
  • 13/08/2010
  • Intel SandyBridge preliminary support
  • Windows Resources Monitor added (ToolBar ToolBox Icon)
  • 19/08/2010
  • Bluetooth controller manufacturer support
PC Wizard 2010.1.94
April 21th, 2010
PC Wizard 2010.1.94
April 21th, 2010
  • Sun VirtualBox virtual machine detection support
  • Intel Celeron 3400 processor support
  • Intel Pentium E6600, E5400, E5300 processors support
  • 07/02/2010
  • Fintek F75334DG sensor preliminary support
  • 13/02/2010
  • - ATI Video Card Frequencies Min/Max support
  • AMD Sempron M1, Turion II M5/M6 and Ahtlon II M3 processors preliminary support
  • Intel Core i3 Mobile processors support
  • AMD Hudson-2 Southbridge preliminary support
  • 20/02/2010
  • ATI GPU activity monitoring support
  • Intel IMC Memory Rank Temperature support
  • nVIDIA GT305, GT310, GT335, GT350 and GT360 video cards support
  • Nuvoton W83627DHG-P, W83667HG-B and W83677HG-I
  • USB 3.0 detection support
  • 26/02/2010
  • Microsoft Browser Choice detection support
  • nVidia MCP89 and GeForce 320M chipset support
  • Sis 672 Chipset support
  • Intel Core2 Specification 'S' support
  • ATI HD5450, HD5570 and HD5830 video cards preliminary support
  • 27/02/2010
  • Intel Core i7 930 processor support
  • nVidia ION 2 Platform detection support
  • AMD Tigris Platform detection support
  • ACPI HPET detection support
  • Intel QST 2.0 (HECI 2) monitoring support
  • Intel VT-d information support
  • 02/03/2010
  • SATA 6Gb detection support
  • ATI HD5145, HD5165 and HD5470 video card support
  • Intel Chipset RAM Row Refresh Cycle Time support
  • Intel Atom N470 processor support
  • 03/03/2010
  • ATI HD4290 video card support
  • AMD 890GX chipset support
  • AMD SB800 southbridge support
  • nVidia CUDA improvments
  • New nVidia CUDA Benchmark module
  • Dell PowerEdge 1600sc support
  • 04/03/2010
  • nVidia I2C GPU NV3x (Rankine), NV4x (Curie), NV5x (Telsa) and NV6x (Fermi)
  • 05/03/2010
  • ATI I2C GPU Series R6xx, R7xx and R8xx
  • 06/03/2010
  • Microsoft Windows SEHOP security feature detection support
  • AMD 785G, 880G Chipset support
  • DVD Dual-RW and Dual-R features detecttion support
  • DVD-BD ver.1 and ver.2 reading/writing features detection support
  • 11/03/2010
  • Intel E6500K processor detection support
  • Intel Core i7 "Gulftown" processor support
  • nVidia GTX470, GTX480 video cards preliminary support
  • 18/03/2010
  • Intel Xeon "Westmere-EP" codename processors support
  • Intel Xeon L3406 processor support
  • Intel NM10 Chipset Timings support
  • VIA VX855 Chipset
  • 25/03/2010
  • Winbond W83L771W/G sensor support
  • ITE8721F/DX sensor support
  • AMD Processors socket G34 support
  • AMD Phenom II X6 "Thuban" preliminary support
  • Finte F81865 sensor preliminary support
  • 02/04/2010
  • Intel Xeon Series 6500 / 7500 processors support
  • Intel Core ix Series K detection support
  • UPS detection improved
  • CD/DVD Buffer Size detection support
  • S-ATA HotPlug Capabilities detection support
  • 05/04/2010
  • SMSC EMC2700P sensor preliminary support
  • ATI FirePro V8800 video card support
  • Bios AMD AGESA version detection support
  • 15/04/2010
  • ipV6 support
  • Teredo support
  • Boot Configuration Data (BCD) information support
  • Fintek F71889ED sensor support
  • 20/04/2010
  • Windows Search 4.0 information support
  • Intel Core i7 680 processor support
  • Intel Pentium E5500 processor support
  • updated to 2010.1.94
PC Wizard 2010 1.93
January 24th, 2010
PC Wizard 2010 1.93
January 24th, 2010
  • Intel ATOM "Pineview" support
  • Intel NM10 Chipset support
  • Intel GMA 3150 video card support
  • DirectCompute information support
  • ComputeShaderModel version support
  • Double Precision Shader Compute support
  • 31/12/2009
  • Internet Gateway Router support
  • Processor Power Consumption support
  • Intel W5590, E5540, E5530, L5530, E5520, L5520, L5518, L5506, E5504, E5502 processors support
  • Intel W3565, W3530, 930 processors support
  • Intel Core i5 processors support
  • 02/01/2010
  • AMD SR5690/SR5650 Chipset support
  • DELL Computer Desktop Hardware Monitoring support
  • ITE IT8721F Sensor support
  • 03/01/2010
  • Gigabyte DES Sensor support
  • Network shared resources support
  • 09/01/2010
  • Intel Core i7-600, i5-500, i5-400, i3-300 Mobile Processors Series support
  • Intel Core i3-500 Desktop Processors Series support
  • Intel Pentium G6950 processor support
  • Intel HD Graphics video card support
  • Intel H55/HM55 Chipset support
  • Intel QM57/H57/Q57/HM57/QS57 Chipset support
  • Virtual Machine detection support
  • 17/01/2010
  • Asus EPU support
  • AMD Athlon II 1xxx processors support
  • AMD Phenom II X2 B processor support
  • AMD OPteron Quad-Core 13xx processors support
  • updated to 2010.1.93
PC Wizard 2008 1.84
August 12th, 2008
PC Wizard 2008 1.84
August 12th, 2008
  • Chipset : Intel 3200/3210, Intel 5400A/B, nVidia 610/620/630, nVidia 750/780/790.
  • Processor : Intel E1400/E7200, AMD Phenom "RB-C0" steeping, VIA C7-D.
  • Sensor : ACPI Thermal zone, FB-DIMM Memory, analog Devices ADT7490.
  • And… : Bugs correction, new preliminary support and some improvements.